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Many people book bands all the time whether it be for corporate events, private events, or weddings. On the other hand, most people might only book a band once in a lifetime. Let us work with you to plan out the perfect event, it will cost you nothing.


We can help with everything from venue selection, lighting, first dances, itinerary, and cocktail hour. We have many different show options available, the entire night is customizable to fit your preference.


It's never too early to book your entertainment. It's all about what is important to you. Don't let someone force you into booking a great venue and then find out that all the good bands and vendors aren't available.


Planning is key, and we are more than happy to work with you on this. If you're unorganized photographers will be scrambling to take pictures of special dances or searching for party members for photo opportunities.


Nothing sets up a successful night like having a great detailed itinerary, your planner will have one and we will have one as well.


Once your itinerary is set you will feel a weight off your shoulder and be able to actually enjoy the evening! Allow us to emcee the night and cover all of your announcements at no extra charge


Our day starts early, we are always set up and ready to go before your guests arrive. We will DJ some light music so as people walk in there is something is going on. We never want silence unless it is for speeches, announcements, or prayers. After guests arrive we are happy to offer a small group to play cocktail hour.


Volume is always kept at the perfect level so your guests can tune in if they want, or just talk among themselves. Want a little more for cocktail hour? Hire the full band, or choose between a solo, duo, trio.


We are always happy to emcee your event at no extra cost to you, and anytime the band is not playing we provide DJ services. 

Our setlist is always changing slightly, some classic songs people always want to hear so they will remain in our set year after year. 


We are always willing to run over a setlist with the client, songs can be added or removed, or more of a "specific genre" can be added

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